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Dress up a character. Save Sprite. Endless possibilities.

Light Mode and Dark Mode Themes. 1600x900 Window

Last update: 1/26/2022 Bug Fixes. All known bugs have been fixed. A list of bugs that were fixed are below. Hopefully the upload worked from my Mobile Hot Spot


Known Bugs: Find a bug? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you fast as I can.

(Fixed by removing the button from use. Feature not ready. Sorry for the teaser) Color picker for LPC version doesn't do anything. (This feature is not ready and the button was not supposed to be enabled yet.)

(Fixed) XP Female Mantle #2 preview is missing.

(Fixed) LPC Male Eyes #2 preview is missing.

(Fixed) Sprite Creator opens in a resolution other than 1600x900. Window will now ignore shortcut settings and force open at the resolution required to use Sprite Creator 3.

(Fixed) Pressing backspace while saving removes the currently selected category object. This will no longer happen.

License Issues:

VX Sprites:  (Working with an artist who is making all new VX sprites to remove this limitation)

Can ONLY be used within the program RPG Maker and games created with RPG Maker. You must own RPG Maker. Commercially viable if all rules apply to you. 

Many VX sprites don't require a license due to fan made, personal made, or partner images. These images that do not require a license were not organized and got all mixed in with everything else. The original set of VX images was 140 images. It's now over 2500. Only 140 require a license. Since the original cannot be confirmed all images have the same requirements as the original 140.

XP Sprites:

Are Mack Sprites and require credit. 

LPC Sprites:

From OpenGameArt and require credit.

Words from the developer:

I have hand created, edited and/or recolored nearly 8000 images to make Sprite Creator. This project started way back in 2011 using Java. Over the years many different versions were made and tons of features were added. In 2019 a Unity version was made to replace the Java version, but because life has its own plans this project has been placed on temporary hold but progress is still being made in it's development. I work 40-50 hours a week currently and have little time to update and add features. However I am still working on the Roadmap and Sprite Creator is still in development.

Release date Jan 13, 2011
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsCharacter Customization, GameMaker, Generator, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Sprites
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Version 2

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Hiya. Another question to ask if I may.

Will you eventually create a base for MV sprites?

MV Sprites have a very good Creator that comes with the program. No plans for MV sprite integration.

I know this is probably something really simple, but I'm having problems using my sprites in RPG Maker VX. I created and uploaded them but for some reason I am unable to select the entire sprite group and it shows a small red dot next to the sprite, while it shows blue on all the others that were already in the game. Whenever I try to select the sprite it only selects and small portion of it and basically makes it unusable. Could you possibly help be figure this out?

Nevermind I just needed to put a $ symbol in front of the file name lol. Im VERY new to this if you cant tell lol.

Yea that is a weird quirk of RPG Maker:) Don't worry it is a common question.


I'm glad you've made it a paid tool! It's worth it! Downloading it again to support you 🙂


I greatly appreciate your support. And I thank you for it.

Hi, how do I write the credits if I'm trying to use the LPC Sprites?

LPC Sprites are from OpenGameArt.org

So in my game, I just need to reference OpenGameArt.org? No need for any other author or something I don't know?


That is correct. You can, if you want, put SpriteCreator3 in if you want but I don't require credit.

Ok, thank you mate! I'll make sure to credit SpriteCreator3 too!

Hi there. I bought Spite Creator 3 and use it fairly often for anything I do, but I've run into something that I don't think should be happening.

When I save my sprites in XP, any time I press Backspace to delete a mis-typed letter or word, the character sprite removes whatever she's wearing on the tab I left it on.

(2 edits)

Yes I noticed this as well. This will be fixed in the next version. The fix is already set up. I just moved to a new place and got a new job and haven't had time to run the updates. Thank you for mentioning this. I am still waiting for internet to get set up to apply the new update. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to get the bug fix update up asap. 

Thank you for responding! I love the tool you've made and cannot wait to see what else you have planned for it.

New update has been released this bug has been fixed.

Why are the XP sprites bigger than the original rtp characters in the maker? Can I resize them somehow so they won't look like "giants" compared to the default assests? Thanks.

(2 edits)

The Sprites are enlarged only in Sprite Creator. When you save the sprite sheet each tile is 32x48 and the Animated sheet is 128x196 and are still saved as the default size they were originally intended. The images in Sprite Creator are enlarged by 2 times for better viewing on the newer 1080p screens. Back when Sprite Creator was first created screen sizes were not 1080p yet. Due to the size of the images it became difficult to see the individual parts especially if they were some of the smaller parts.

I believe you, but look, this is what I mean, in the game they're clearly a bit larger than the original rtp characters.

(3 edits)

The XP Sprites were created by Mack. I think they were designed for Game Maker. Can you send me the rtp animated png to jensen_305@yahoo.com I would like to get a comparison sprite and see if they are different sprite types. Are those rts sprites RPG Maker "Tall" sprites? If so, they are different base and items than the XP sprites in Sprite Creator.

program opened fine the first time now this.
any ideas how to fix this. I didnt change any display setting. Just closed it to see how sprite looks in game 

and now this is how it opens.

(12 edits)

Title bar is the wrong scale compared to the window. It looks like you created a shortcut and used -screen-width xxx -screen-height xxx use  -screen-width 1600 -screen-height 900 to reset it to default. Default window size is the only size supported. Launching from the itch app is best way to launch the app.  If you use that option removing the option wont reset the resolution to default. This will be fixed in later versions and wont require you to set the shortcut flags to reset the window.

Same problem as above. I can't see the scrollbar to scroll through the options. I didn't change any options or anything, this is just how it opens.

(1 edit)

You can use the shortcut option mentioned above -screen-width 1600 -screen-height 900 and it will display normally. This will be fixed in the next version. Not sure why this happens but will be fixed in the next update. If you need help in creating the shortcut I can explain it further let me know.

Thanks! Sorry can you explain how to create the shortcut?

(1 edit)

Right Click SpriteCreator used to launch the program and select "Create Shortcut". Then right click that shortcut and select Properties. In the "Target" field you will see a path to the real file. At the end of all that path stuff copy and paste(without the quotes) "-screen-width 1600 -screen-height 900" 

It should look like this:

  C:\Users\jense\Desktop\SpriteCreator3\SpriteCreator.exe -screen-width 1600 -screen-height 900

Your C:\Some Path\More Path\SpriteCreator.exe will look different but once you add that line you just run from that shortcut once and after that you shouldn't need the short cut anymore. Everything should be normal.

Hello there, I've just bought your app, looks cool, but Im an artist and was planning to use my own sprites, I cannot work with your sprites because I just wanna make my own genuine content, with my own style, is this possible? 

(3 edits) (+1)

Sprite creator is designed for the non artist. You are able to export single parts one by one. If you don't want to use the base I provide for example you can draw your own and just export the sprite creator sprite without the base. As for drawing your sprite from scratch, this isn't the program for that. Try something like Aesprite I highly recommend it.

There are plans for many thing for Sprite Creator. Check out the road map on the main page. Might have a feature you looking for.

Thank you, yes, I saw an import feature on the roadmap Im excited for, I actually use Aseprite to create my art, but I want a tool like yours to manage a library of layers to be able to create any combination I want, the way this app handles animations is precious, so I would hope an import option in the future. Thanks for your quick response.